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Nesta's Essay

In depth...

Sometimes, there's just know way to win. There was a roll of developed film left behind in New York that James didn't feel safe picking up on the way out of town. That roll of film has been destroyed for not being picked up soon enough. See, that person helping James & Nesta was Mohammed. A guy that met everybody the night before they left the city at a little party we all enjoyed. There will be pictures of the party in a few days [12/10/01].

Mohammed didn't give James a safe feeling as they were leaving, October 15th. It turns out, James & Nesta went only as far as the Flying J's in Carneys Point, NJ. There, while we unloaded Mohameed's van of James's things, a great friend named "Dale" that worked at the truckstop walked and said "Hey James, how's it going"? Mohammed felt uncompfortable and left. Good enough for us, and great ridance.

Later that night, our new friend "Robert" loaded up James & Nesta in the tractor trailer he was driving and we left for the south on I-95.