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Who's The Big Dog?

From California...To Florida...To New York... Then Florida... Then Back To New York... Only To End Up In New Hampshire....? And... For Now... Florida... Again!
Go Nesta Go!

Nesta In Burbank, December 2000.

"Nesta In Burbank, Dec. 2000"

Nesta sits here waiting outside NBC's Los Angeles affiliate Tv station only to find out the Tonight Show had gone on break. The banner behind Nesta is 4 stories high.

Nesta, with the Empire State Building in the background,...the summer of 2001.

"The Nesta Empire"

This image was taken in Bryant Park on 42nd Street & 6Th Avenue. The Empire State building is behind Nesta.

Nesta Across From Madison Square Garden, July 2001.

"Madison Square Garden"

Nesta will jump up on anything you call a pedestal. This park is right across from Madison Square Garden.

Jey Leno's pet peeve,  [He dosen't like people who dress up their pets.]  The Tonight Show enterance is behind Nesta.

"Leno's Pet Peeve"

Take A Quick Cruise With Nesta...Go Here,... Then Come Back!

"Come Aboard Club Nesta"

Nesta at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida. World famous "Sunset Celebration" is held here every day.

Nesta with the "Sex & The City" crew in Washington Square Park,  May 21, 2001.

HBO's "Sex & The City" Crew.

Copyright by James Smith 12/01/01