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Here's some background on Nesta's life.

Nesta is a Manchester Terrier. They date back to the early 1500's in Manchester England. Doberman Pinchers and Rottwielers stem from the Manchester Terrier in the mid 1800's. Commonly called the "Gentlemans Companion", Manchesters were often used for entertainment in English pubs to catch rodents, do to their speed and agility.

James Smith's father had polio all his life and couldn't have any pet(s) under foot. When James's father passed away in November 1998, he missed caring for something or someone. Ten days later, James adopted Nesta, who had already been given her name... the rest is history.

Hitch On With Nesta, There's More To Come!

James & Nesta have "hitchhicked" over 16,000 miles since April 2000. They've gone from Key West, Florida to Burbank, California, then back to Florida, then to New York City and finally back down to Florida. Nesta's payed the price for a television appearance, somewhere, some how, some time, soon! Maybe you can help?

The Word "NESTA"...

...has a huge presence on the internet, with many meanings.

First: It was set up as the first national endowment in the United Kingdom.

N.E.S.T.A.= The National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts.

Second: It was the middle name of Jamaican reggae musician: Robert "Nesta" Marley, with two sons being given the same middle name.

Third: N.E.S.T.A. stands for the National Earth Science Teachers Association.

Fourth: N.E.S.T.A. also stands for the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association.

Fifth: Nesta H. Webster, a "Secret Societies Writer" of many years in the past.

We're "Homeless But Happy" An Open Letter...
...By James Smith

Dear Friends,

Everyone is out of time for us, but we might enlighten you more than you may think right now. Nesta attracts people wherever we go. For more than 2 years we've been homeless, but happy, for the most part. Hitchhiking around the country, weve gone from Key West FL to Burbank CA, then back to Florida, and finally a trip to New York City. The order of events should surprise you, given the chance. First, I can assure you American truck drivers are a caring bunch and have always helped us. We did well up until just outside of New York. Most of them don't want anything to do with driving into New York City.

We met a Jersey City postal supervisor named "Caesar" outside a Pet Smart in Woodbridge NJ on a rainy afternoon [May 20th] that was concerned with why I wanted to go into NY, NY. He had worked in the city for many years and had relocated in NJ. He offered to come back in the morning and take us [I thought] to the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel. He instead brought us all the way into lower Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel.  What a fantastic person!

I walked Nesta up to Washington Square Park and within an hour and a half, we were sitting in the middle of HBOs Sex & The City set. I though, Wow, things are looking up for us already!

It was cold and rainy that afternoon. The crew of the show treated us very well. They had two dogs for that shoot that didn't work out and had to pass on using them, all the while looking at Nesta, sitting there so regal the way she does.

The next 10 days were tough on us but we continued to move about, looking for that place we would be welcome, not bothering anyone, but not being bothered either. Then one day, after sitting on the same [obscure] bench outside of one of New York Citys public libraries, I met a couple that worked with one of the U.H.O. [United Homeless Organization] tables.

They suggested I look into working one of the UHOs tables, so we did. I went to Penn Station where I was directed and met another couple. Together, we put Nesta up on their table and everybody loved it. The NYPD guys and girls got a big kick out of Nesta, outside that subway entrance.

About a week into working a table of our own, I met a great lady who owned, with her husband the company that supplies the [Executive Residence] "White House" with their fine linen. Though still homeless, we managed to go to that office every workday and sometimes on the weekends. Along with sending linen to the White House, we sent linen to Arron and Candy Spelling, Martha Firestone Ford, and many others who appreciate fine linen. During that time, I also helped set up a Pre Columbian art gallery and showroom.

Nesta, through the help of my linen family, was spayed at the "Have A Heart" clinic on 52nd Street, a part of the Fund For Animals organization. Being homeless posed a problem for Nestas recovery, so those sweet people decided it was best for Nesta to stay with them a couple of days. They went further than that and kept her third, all the while performing an operation on her, that distracting day Timothy McViegh was executed. I want to do something really nice for them one day soon.

Our last month, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful fashion model that made our last month so memorable. I was able to design a simple web site from our linen company. I designed a "Missing Nesta" T-shirt for Nesta's friends who had treated us so well from day one. Then, on my birthday, September 10th, I posted that image on one of Nesta's web sites,,  the rest is history. I ended up looking at lower Manhattans devastation from the 32nd floor rooftop of the brand new "777 6th Avenue" apartment building on 6th Avenue the next morning. What is this all about?

Our model friend became to conserned about staying in New York and left for Texas, on a bus. Two weeks later, she returned and then the Anthrax attacks began. It was decided she would leave for good this time so we through a little party at the spot Nesta and me slept. That night a guy parked right in front of our sleep spot named Mohammad. After some conversation with this individual, we figured out that Nesta and me could leave with him, out of the city the next morning. He said he was headed for Richmond VA. Mohammad was from Sudan and turned out to be very difficult, to say the least. It took everything I had to direct this jerk to a simple truck stop, one in southern NJ that I was familiar with.

It was cold and wet when we began unloading Nesta and our belongings. While doing that, a great guy, an ex-marine named Dale that I had met months earlier on the way up to the city and who worked at the truck stop, walked up and said: James... Nesta... How are you? I love the bad people in this life for helping differentiate between the good people I know!

Two hours later, a red headed truck driver walked up and commented on Nesta and asked where we were going. I told him south, just south after what had happened earlier. His name was Robert, from Johnson City TN, where my mother was born! We left the next morning and without making this story much longer, we hauled Peanut Brittle down to Virginia and dropped it off. Then, we picked up "fake" Christmas trees [23,000 lbs], and brought them down to an area I was familiar with near Virginia Beach, VA. I designed something that I've always wanted to introduce to QVC. This is where we brought those Christmas Trees, right in their front gate!

Robert had adopted a cute little 6-month old dog-named "Freedom". This is all too much for me. We really had a good time talking good old American talk. A few more rides and we have ended up in Florida again, at my sister Betty's apartment in Melbourne Fl where I was born. My father had polio all my life. Mohammad drove a handicap van. I thought something was in the cards, him meeting all my nice friends at 26th & 6th Ave.

My thing with Nesta, she says: "I LOVE JAY LENO" well enough to go on the Tonight Show. She'll positively flatter Jay Leno, one day!

That's what this is all about, to improve Nesta's life. We're still trying, and that's all you can do.

Bye for now,

James & Nesta Smith

Copyright by James Smith 12/04/01.