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Here Are Some Examples Of Life In New York City For Nesta!

Joanna Emerson...our beautiful fashion model friend for life!  If your here, Hi JoE!

Joanna Emerson, our beautiful fashion model friend who let James & Nesta stay with her almost a month. She celebrated James's birthday, September 10th, for about 10 days. It was great!

Please share Nesta's site with anyone you think might be interested in helping advance her to television.


Missing Nesta, That's Probibly What's Happening With New York Nesta's Friends.

James designed this image for T-shirts for Nesta's friends. Joanna helped James make some shirts, and then the World Trade Centers were destroyed. Then the "Missing" fliers came out for real. It was very sad, we never wore the shirts again.

How sad it became from day one.

Sadly, fliers like this one were everywhere September 12th. You would normally be able to see the Trade Centers from here.

Poor little Nesta... it was wet out.  She truly is surrounded by LOVE!

It's hard to see Nesta but she's there, between the V and E, at this famous site on 6th Avenue. Here's some "Nesta Love"!

Joanna & Nesta, holding out an American flag, while everybody watches.

As far as you could see, the dump trucks rolled in to begin taking away WTC debris. JoE & Nesta pictured here.

Hi Mrs. Kim... Nesta can't wait to get home!

This is Mrs Kim & Nesta in our sleeping spot. The Kims treated James & Nesta so well. Nesta is on top of their store's basement entrance.

Nesta Outside Madison Square Garden...

Copyright by James Smith 12/01/01.